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Envelope Size 3¾ x 8⅝

Self Seal Envelopes

For Computer Laser Checks

Envelope Size 3¾ x 8⅝

Small Envelopes

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Envelope Size 6¼ x 3⅝

1099 Double Window Envelopes

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Envelope Size 3⅞ x 8⅜

W2 Double Window Envelopes

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Envelope Size 5⅝ x 9¼

W2 Self Seal Envelopes

For W2 Forms

Envelope Size 5⅝ x 9¼

If you are responsible for delivering payroll checks to employees, then you know how important the security of checks can be. Whether they are being hand-delivered or sent through the United States Postal Service, checks are documents that need to be protected for a multitutde of important reasons.

For one, the personal data on checks can be used by criminals looking for a way to commit identity theft. They may even try to fraudulently cash the check and steal the money. Secondly, you don't want your employee's private salary and other information made available to other staff members.

Our paycheck envelopes are the perfect way to keep these important payroll checks secure. We have a variety of dimensions to meet your paycheck needs, such as standard-sized business envelopes or small envelopes for a wallet style check. You can choose from double windowed or self-sealing envelopes too. Check with our helpful staff to find the best paycheck envelope style to suit your company's needs— our envelopes will safeguard your company's reputation and assure that your paychecks stay private.

Why Choose Professional Business Envelopes?

Making a good impression is very important when running a business, and even the envelopes you use can create an impression on your customers, vendors and employees. Double window envelopes are ideal when you need to send out an employee paycheck, and square envelopes or other specialty envelopes are better suited to particular forms such as W2s and 1099 forms.

Business check envelopes should be sturdy and secure to protect your checks, but our high-quality business envelopes go further, with a professional appearance that boosts your company's image. Here are three reasons why it makes sense to order the right type of business envelope for each application:

1. Security Features

When choosing the right business check envelope, security is one of the most important factors. You want to make sure that your checks are well-protected so that they don't get lost or stolen in the mail. All of our windowed envelope styles feature an internal security pattern, so whether you're mailing a 1099 form or a paper paycheck, the contents will be safe and secure from prying eyes.

2. Appearance

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing business check envelopes is the look of the envelope. You want your envelopes to reflect the professional image of your business. Choose an envelope that is made from high-quality paper and has a clean, simple design. Standard business envelopes can look professional, but when it comes to mailing business checks, invoices and tax forms, double window security envelopes are the norm and project a more polished image for your company.

3. Envelope Size

Last but not least, make sure that the business envelopes you choose are the right size for your checks, invoices or tax forms. You don't want your checks to be too big or too small for the envelope, as this can cause problems when they are being processed. Making sure you have the correct size envelopes for the forms you need to mail seems like a small detail, but can have an impact on your corporate image.

The right types of envelopes can make a big difference in how your business is perceived. Choose envelopes that are secure and professional-looking to be sure your checks and other mailings will arrive safely and give your customers a good impression of your business. We offer an excellent selection of business check envelopes, double window envelopes for 1099 and W2 forms, and more. Order online and enjoy same-day shipping on our business envelopes for checks!

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