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The Best Check Printing Software Providers for Small Business

Not too long ago, small business owners had to have checks on-hand. You never knew when you would need to pay for service or pay a vendor. There were also times you had to lug around that big plastic binder or leather checkbook. Today's technology makes business check writing easier, faster, and a lot more convenient. Check writing today is much easier with a computer that does the math for you and keeps a record of it. In this buying guide, we will tell you the best business check printing software on the market.

  1. PrintBoss
  2. PrintBoss Check Printing Software has 40 different accounting software platforms. It comes with an easy to use set of tools to make integration less complex and pretty straight forward. PrintBoss allows you to carry out tasks like faxing and emailing documents. It also gives you the ability to create PDFs of your documents. There is a password system that keeps all your data safe and secure. You can send data directly to your bank accounts and create automatic ACH files as well. The system lets you create single-use cards to pay vendors fast and easy with the globalVCard. PrintBoss comes with a 30-day trial. Compatible checks also print pay stubs attached.

  3. EZ Check Printing Software
  4. EZ Printing Software is one of the easiest software programs to use. It is a dependable system that has been on the market for years. You can print on plain blank check stock or check paper. The system also gives you the ability to print blank business checks that are blank check papers for later use. This system is compatible with Quickbooks, Peachtree, and Quicken.

  5. VersaCheck X1 Platinum
  6. This system prints business cards, labels, badges, invoices, and estimates. It also offers the integration of unlimited accounts and is accessible for up to six users. VersaCheck is known for the great security features it offers as well. It is easy to use and has a True Sign e signature creator for checks. The software package has a trial period available, too.

  7. Check Builder Pro 3
  8. This is one of the easiest systems to print custom checks. You can use Check Builder Pro 3 for both business and personal bank accounts. Check Builder is straightforward and doesn’t need hours of set up. It is also one of the more affordable options on the market.

  9. Create-A-Check Software
  10. Create-A-Check has over 100 different platforms to use and includes MICR line checks. In addition, there is a payment approval process and Positive Pay that adds extra security to the system. The system takes wire payments, ACH, and EFTs. This makes it not only easier but saves you time and money when buying paper and other products. Create-A-Check is easy to use and set up.

  11. MultiChax – Check Printing
  12. MultiChax is more than a check printing software. It gives you the ability to accept checks by fax or phone with deposits the same day. There are also no processing fees for service. MultiChax is a great option for those using Peachtree or QuickBooks. The system uses encryption and Positive Pay to protect you from fraud and attacks. The system also allows you to sign checks digitally and use logos on checks.

    Using a good quality printing software program is key to making life easier and more convenient. Look for software that is easy to use with a good support system. It's also important to find check writing software with the options and tools you need. Next, look for the perfect printable check paper. Find many different paper options at Laser Printer Checks. We offer options such as check design, type, and color. After you get your paper, you are all set to make printing checks easier and faster, from payroll checks to blank checks.

    Laser Printer Checks are easy to print and save you money over traditional alternatives. As long as you have the check paper and ink, you'll never run out of checks again. Save money and time by printing them yourself with any of the above software options, without any hassle. You're already busy running a successful company, why not make this part of your job a bit easier? We have all the solutions you want to keep your finances in perfect order.

What Are Blank Checks?

Blank checks are checks that businesses can use in place of preprinted checks. Businesses can print all related information directly on the check themselves instead of having it printed ahead of time. This can allow businesses to operate in a more secure and efficient manner. Since key information such as business name and phone number are not on the check, the company's critical data remains safe. This also decreases the chances of someone forging a signature and information, as all the necessary information needs to be filled out.

Where Can I Get Blank Checks?

If your business needs blank checks, look no further than Laser Printer Checks. As the leading global provider of blank checks, we use cutting-edge laser technology to ensure your checks are secure, legitimate, and most importantly, high-quality.

When you work with Laser Printer Checks, you can purchase with confidence knowing you'll receive exceptional customer service and checks tailor-made for your business needs.

How Soon Can I Get My Blank Business Checks?

Here at Laser Printer Checks, we know how important it is to receive your checks as quickly as possible to keep your financial processes running smoothly. That's why we offer rush services at no additional charge, helping you receive your blank checks as soon as possible.

Even better, if you order your blank business checks by 2 p.m., we're able to accommodate same-day shipping. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers are looked after and have what they need when they need it.

How Do I Choose the Right Type of Blank Laser Checks?

The type of blank laser checks you choose depends on your business needs. With countless colors and graphics available, you can tailor your checks to your company colors, helping enhance marketing efforts by streamlining all finance processes and operations.

Choosing Between Preprinted Checks vs. Blank Check Stock

While preprinted checks display critical business information without you having to fill it in, blank checks instead require you to manually input this information each and every time. This can be a safer method of handling checks and lends itself to accurate and more detailed reporting for finance teams.

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