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In today’s world, it can be easy to fall into the habit of doing everything electronically. Banking online is a convenient way to deposit checks, make transfers and pay bills. However, relying on digital products when it comes to your business transactions may not be the best choice. It’s important to have paper deposit slips on hand for all your bank accounts, whether for accounting and tax purposes or simply because you never know when you’re going to need them

Our company provides high-quality check writing products like deposit tickets, checkbook registers and stamps for personalized signatures and endorsements. Your accounting department will appreciate the functions our business deposit slips serve as an easy way to track bank transactions. We offer deposit slips that can be printed with your Quicken or Sage 50 computer program or manual deposit slips in a variety of sizes for your convenience.

Our bank deposit slips are available in single wallet, duplicate, or triplicate checks, depending on your record-keeping requirements. If your business requires a hard copy receipt, these durable checks are ideal. Why take chances with records when you can always ensure you have a copy of one of your needs?

What Is a Business Deposit Slip?

A business deposit slip allows businesses to furnish their clients with a prepopulated deposit slip that already includes all the vital information the client may need to make a deposit to the business. These deposit slips can be partially completed or fully completed, depending on the nature of the deposit.

How Does a Business Deposit Slip Work?

A business deposit slip is usually added to an invoice or statement of accounts to ease up payment choices for the client. Bank deposit slips are blank and require the depositor to complete all the information, whereas a business deposit slip will already include:

  • The business details or name of the account

  • The account number

  • A reference number (optional)

  • An amount (optional)

This leaves the depositor with very little to complete when making a deposit.

What Are the Benefits of a Business Deposit Slip?

For business, the ease of operating is an important aspect of maintaining clients and getting paid. Business deposits are a great addition to your invoicing process, as they:

  • Streamlines payments for your clients as the payment process is simplified

  • Reduces errors as most of the critical information is already completed on the form

  • Reduces the risk of fraud or theft as your business deposit slip can be added directly to your invoices and other communication to your clients

  • It improves your overall branding and perception of professionalism

Some of the Deposit Slips That Laser Printer Checks Offers

At Laser Printer Checks, we understand the importance of receiving your payments as effortlessly as possible. We offer several different options for you to get paid faster:

  • Computer deposit slips: Integrate the deposit slip with your existing invoicing software to generate your business deposit slips.

  • Manual deposit slips: We can design a manual deposit slip with certain prepopulated information to make deposits simpler.

  • Stamps: If you're not keen on more paperwork, we can design a customized stamp with the relevant banking details to add to invoices.

We make it easy to order deposit slips and many other banking products, so shop with us today or call us at 877-586-6377.

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