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Manual Deposit Slips

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What Are Deposit Slips?

Deposit slips are paper forms filled out by the individual or depositor to make a check or cash deposit to a bank account. You need a deposit slip when depositing funds to your bank account over the counter. Also called deposit tickets, this paper form is also used when another person wants to deposit money or a check to another person's bank account.

Banks usually provide manual deposit slips to the depositors, or you may be allowed to use printable deposit slips. When printing your own deposit slips, ensure it has all the necessary information required by the bank. Otherwise, it won't be accepted.

To make a successful deposit, the slip must have the date, the name of the depositor, the account number, and the amount to be deposited. The bank will not accept incomplete deposit slips.

How Deposit Slips Work

Inside the bank, you'll usually find a stack of deposit slips you can fill out. Some depositors would also take a number of deposit forms with them so they can fill them out before going to the bank.

When depositing cash, you must completely fill out the bank deposit slip, including the cash denomination. Ensure you have the correct information on the deposit slip before giving the form to the teller. The latter will count the funds and check the deposit slip to ensure it's the correct amount before processing the deposit. You will be provided with a receipt or proof of deposit confirming the check or funds were successfully deposited into the account.

Benefits of Using Deposit Slips

Both the bank and the depositor need a copy of the successfully processed deposit as proof. Although manual deposits are usually processed in real-time, there may be instances where they just won't go through.

If you're depositing to your own account, check the account balance to see if the deposit was already reflected. When depositing to another bank account, confirm with the recipient if they have already received the money. If the funds don't go through, you can use the proof of deposit to get your funds back or to get them deposited to the proper bank account.

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