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Laurel Black
Great Prices, Quality, and Timeliness!
So glad I found your company! Great prices and beats ordering checks from anywhere else! Thanks guys!
Excellent Service
I ordered checks yesterday and they arrived today! Wow! Everything looks great and the pricing was very competitive. Thank you for such quick and accurate turnaround.
Yaakov Anteby
Thank you for the quality products, good prices and priceless advice. Chag Kasher Vesameach.

larry farkin
Best Place 2018Jul25
I've been using Laser Printers since 2009, and it's the best by far. Never had a problem with any order.
Great prices
The checks always turn out great and the cost savings is worth it , Other then that great checks and customer service - which is why I will keep buying.
Brenda Stapp
Excellent! 2016Apr23
Excellent! I was impressed with the whole process. I ordered 2400 che la and envelopes, they arrived in less than 24 hours. I only paid for the basic shipping. It was so nice to get this kind of service. Excellent job! Thank you!
Wow! You already produced these and sent them out? You are a life saver!

Vicky Winkler

Laurel Gonzalez
My 3rd order
From day one checks were high quality and correct. Deposit slips correct. Shipping ups ground. I'm happy.
Amy Strength
GREAT prices on excellent products! 2016May18
I use Quickbooks and these products work perfectly with QB and save me ALOT of money! I have ordered numerous times and see no reason to quit. Give them a try. You won't be disappointed!!
Denise H
Satisfied customer.
I have been using Laser Printer Checks for many years and have been pleased with each order. I recommend them all the time and will continue to purchase from them in the future. Really like the self-seal envelopes!!

Great service
Thanks again for the great service (good pricing and speedy shipping)
Awesome Customer Service 2019Feb20
Can't thank you all enough for being so easy to work with!! We always get our orders in record time and the service is quick, friendly, and efficient!
You have mastered the art of Hassle Free!

Stay Awesome!
Laura Mainhood
job well done
Dear Jeff & the staff at Laser Printer Checks Corp.,

Last week I placed an order for checks with you which included a logo that I wasn’t sure would work. Not only did you folks make it work, but it looks very professional and you completed the order in record time! We are VERY pleased with the wonderful customer service you provided and the quality of the checks you printed for us! In this day and age where excellent customer service does not seem to be the priority any longer, I want you to know that I appreciate the commitment to excellence that you obviously work toward! This is a job well-done and both my employer and I are extremely pleased with both your product and your service. We will certainly be recommending Laser Printer Checks to other people we know!

Laura Mainhood :)
Financial Manager
VT-NH Veterinary Clinic
Ron Offer
Great Help
Thank you for all your help and nice chatting with another Monsey old-timer ;-)

Jim C.
Great Value
Their prices are the lowest around and the quality of their product is as good as the big guys we used to buy from
Wednesday, 10:10 a.m.. I am absolutely blown away….the checks and deposit slips I ordered on Monday afternoon at nearly 3 p.m. , and paid for regular ground shipping…were just delivered by FedEx
Guess I won’t have to use the few temp checks I got yesterday at the bank!
Kudos for fantastic customer service!!

Kerry Weber
Office Mgr.

Octav Moise
I received the order very fast
I received the order very fast, thumbs up really impressed with your company, Thank you.
Dawn Gwinn
Great prices - Excellent Customer Service
To be honest, when I ordered my checks, I did so because you had the best prices I could find on the internet. I recieved my order quickly. I had a slight issue with my checks, but it was resolved quickly and a new order was sent out. Quality and customer service means a lot to you guys and it shows. I will not hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.

Thank you for such excellent care.
Excellent response when I ran out of checks
As I went to print my December payroll and contractor payments, I suddenly realized I did not have enough checks - and less than a week before Christmas. You processed my reorder, shipped and I had them within 24 hours. I was happy and so were my employees and contractors. Some of it might have been the luck of timing, but mostly it was your customer service. Thank you for a job very well done.
Saul Qersdyn
fast and economical check printing service
Hands down the fastest and most economical check printing service. You have a customer and a recommendation.

Thank you.

Saul Qersdyn
Excellent job
Excellent job, thank you so very much. You may expect us to become regular customers, and we will willingly recommend you to others here locally

Thanks again,
Bob Young

Amy Strength
GREAT prices on excellent products!
I use Quickbooks and these products work perfectly with QB and save me ALOT of money! I have ordered numerous times and see no reason to quit. Give them a try. You won't be disappointed!!
These guys are the best 2022Nov07
I realized Friday afternoon I had run out of checks. I called placed an order for checks and said I was out. The customer service rep said he would ship them second day which would have been good enough but they arrived the NEXT DAY. Thanks guys
Lois Akers
Very Happy!
I am so happy that I found your website. My recent order was perfect and arrived quickly. The prices were competitive and we really appreciate the free logo on the checks. I ordered checks to use with Quick books online version and have used them today with no problems. I'll return with my next order. I most definitely will recommend your business. Thanks for your prompt service!
Jennifer DuBois
Awesome!! 2/16/16
Thank you!! You guys are awesome!! I appreciate how easy you make ordering for me!!!!
Very accurate checks and extremely fast delivery
I rarely write any reviews but This time I cannot help but writing this one.
I ordered checks afternoon, chose the slowest delivery (UPS ground) and received checks the next morning.
I have used for several years already and always been extremely happy.
Thank you.
Super fast and excellent service!
My Go-To for all checks
For a start-up business I wanted a cheaper alternative to Deluxe. I found you and decided to give it a try. Now, it's the only place I use for all of our businesses (we run multiple), as well as recommending it for all of our clients we do business consulting for. Your products are excellent, and the price is awesome!
John Becker
You earned my business

Placed order for 250 printable checks with company logo on Wednesday at 3:30 (for a fraction of what I would pay at the bank) and receive them at 9:30 am Friday?!!!!
How ever you do it keep it Up.
Checks arrived and are fabulous!
M. Samoff
Vivian M. Macedo
Regarding my first order
To: Customer Service,

Yesterday, I placed my first order with Laser Printer Checks Corp. for my business. I have never ordered from you before. My checks were delivered at 3:52pm this afternoon and at 4:32pm I received a confirmation email that my checks had been delivered and handed to a man [my husband]. The checks are exactly the way I ordered them, the customer service is outstanding! Thank you very much, I look forward to future purchases for my business.


Vivian M. Macedo, Esq
Legal Revenue Services, LLC
extremely easy to work with
You assisted me with another large order recently and I just wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service. I’m a member of the Platinum Service Team at the bank and service is very important to me and our line of business. The turnaround time from when I ordered the checks to when they were delivered was exceptional and our client was happy with the quality.

You were extremely easy to work with and receptive to our requests. I will definitely be ordering from you again.

Emily S.
Every order is easy and as requested
Been using this company for years for both of our companies needs. They always are on top of each order and handle with efficiency. Happy to refer and am a repeat customer. Very satisfied.
Service is above and beyond. Customer for life. Thanks.
I ordered checks for my business in Hawaii. All of the other check printing companies wanted to charge me shipping that was equal to the price of the checks, and would not deliver the checks via USPS. took an extra step to find reasonable shipping to Hawaii via the USPS flat rate envelope. Finally, a company that uses common sense and values customer service. The checks look great and even include my logo. Thank you very much.
Thank you for your excellent communication and service with this order. I am extremely appreciative.
Jeff Silberman
Quality customer service
Customer Service
Dear Jeff,

Your quality customer service is appreciated.

Jeff Silberman

Michael Q
Great job - and a pleasure to deal with!
This is the first time I've ordered checks online other than from Intuit, and I'll keep coming back to these folks. The checks look great, and our order was flawless - except for the deposit stamp, which had a small problem but was very cheerfully replaced without charge after a quick phone call. They even took the time to email me a proof so that I could check the layout before printing (since this was a new check design).
Great job, great service! Thanks.
Thank you for your kind assistance
Happy New Year Jeff,

We got our blank checks as ordered. I would like to express my appreciation for all your efforts in assisting us with our blank checks which we received them in good condition. We're looking forward to do business with your company.

Thank you for your kind assistance and continued support.


Great Job!!!!

I ordered these deposit slips yesterday afternoon and they show up on my doorstep this morning.

From order to delivery in less than 24 hours. I was not expecting that. Great Job!!!!



Compliments to the chef!!

We just received our 2 orders of checks from you. They looked great!!! I also wanted to let you know that I appreciated the gentleman who called prior to printing to confirm the font, etc. That let me know we were in good hands! J

Again, thank you for the nice job on both print jobs.

Great quality; mind-blowingly fast turn-around 2020Aug12
I ordered my checks yesterday at 4:00 pm. I received the order at 10:00 this morning. I am absolutely stunned and so impressed by that turn-around time. I didn’t pay extra for over night shopping or rush processing—this was Just a standard order.

To have the items made and shipped same day, when not ordered until the late afternoon, is impressive as heck. There is a 100% chance I’ll buy from these folks again, and I’m already telling people about them.
Jean Fritz
Customer Delight
Need checks in two days and don't want to pay an arm and a leg. This is the service you are looking for ....thanks.
Genie ONeil
Thank You
Thank you for your unbelievable fast service!! Delivered in two days even during the holiday rush!! And thanks for using FedEx instead of UPS. UPS didn't deliver to us last winter because we are in a rural area. I will pick FedEx or USPS over UPS any day!!
Happy Holidays!

Very pleased customer
No longer will I be overcharged for checks from my bank. Ordering was easy and checks were received very quickly. I'm happy with the quality of the checks. You've got another loyal customer.
Sharon Bove
I was all set to order from Intuit again when I stumbled on your website.

Your order came into today and I am so glad I did not complete my order with Intuit. Your pricing was so much better. I got a lot more value for my money and much more timely service.

William B.
I was a Nebs/Deluxe customer and gave you guys a try and glad I did. You have better pricing and a nicer product. Thank you!

Thanks again! William
Gilancarlo Lopezucci
Unbelievably user friendly order process with literally next day printing and shipping.
Great check stock options, incredible print job and amazing fast shipping service. My most important gratitude is for providing an alternative shipping address option. I have a unique reason why my checks need to be mailed at a different address and you were able to accommodate my needs. Although, I did not get a standard logo menu to choose from, I would like to see it added for future orders. Over all I will be back for you to print my business checks, too.
I received my order today.
I received my order today.
I would like to say Thank you!
The quality was wonderful, the speed was superb and all information was correct.
The checks looked great.
I will definitely recommend your business to others.
Thanks you!!!

Linda M.
wonderful customer service
Thanks so much for your excellent service, from processing so quickly, great pricing, and wonderful customer service.
Very sincerely,
Linda M.
Stephen Soled
First Class! 2018Aug13
Used for many years. Always great service, great quality and fast delivery. Only check printing company I would ever use.
Theresa Lee
My #1 Laser Checks
I have been using Laser Printer Checks since June/12 and love their customer service to order by phone and easy friendly use web. Never had any issue with delivery, billings or return items. Thank you!
Kasey B
Good morning,

My order arrived this morning and I really wanted to take a few seconds out of my day to thank you and the rest of your team for such great service. Not just with this order but for each time I’ve had to call with questions, communicating via email and our previous order. It makes my job a little bit easier knowing that I can trust and rely on a company that I do business with. Thank you and your staff again for a pleasurable experience every time! I look forward to our future orders.

Have a great weekend!

super Service; Fast and Easy Reordering. 2018Jul25
thought all our years of ordering checks from Laser Printer checks they've proven to provide top quality, fast and efficient service. Their customer service is super and checks are here in no time. Their simple re ordering feature is great! Thank You!
Excellent service and very friendly staff.
I am using your checks since 2005 and we are very happy with your service and response in case of emergency. Your staff is very friendly and always ready to help to meet the customer need.

You guys are COOL !!!

Thank you.
Jenny Lilly
the best! 2018Dec14
You guys are the best!!! Thanks!
So delighted!!!
I ordered checks yesterday, and couldn't believe I received them today! They were perfect!

Thank you to all that made it happen in one day!
Thank you 2019May17
You guys are awesome! And correct. Thank you so much.

Ann Dunham
Hi folks,
I've purchased checks from you for work and personal use. Always appreciate the quality and prompt delivery of your product. This new order is for a non-profit I am volunteering with. Glad you're still here providing great service.
Ann Dunham
Thank you
You are the Best!!!! Have a great weekend.

Thank You,
Charlie Best

Don Hockenbury
Received Order #xxx966 with checks and envelopes. All details are correct and checks look great.

Thanks for your great service!


Don Hockenbury
Tulsa, OK

Ellen Fuller
Thank You
Thank you for your wonderful service !
Customer since 2007
have used you since year 2007 and have never, ever had any issues!! you are wonderful:)
I placed my first order with Laser Printer Checks last Friday, and received the checks in 5 business days!! Excellent customer service, exceptional cost and quick! I look forward to ordering addtional items through your company. Thanks Again!!!
Jay Levin
Great Service
Your checks did arrive on Friday, and they look terrific. Thank you for the very prompt service,.
excellent service
I have used these guys since 2006 for our business. I have only had 1 small problem in the last 10 years and that order was reprinted promptly. (that's the sign of a reliable company) I highly reccommend them. Now that I am treasurer of a local organization I am looking into ordering our banking supplies.
Satisfied Customer!
Our business has been ordering here for many years and we appreciate the quality products and efficient service. Best prices around and I love the self-seal envelopes!
Thank you
Thank you so much. Everything looks wonderful.
Ed Beda
Order Looks Great.
Our order was received today and everything looks GREAT.
Moe M
Ya'll Have the best prices we have seen and have been a big help with your programs. I love the information tabs that help with identifying different factors involved with our checks. Thank You from Brazos Valley Collision Center.
Jeff I like to thank you for such a great experience doing business with your company. I have already received my checks. The last company dealt with took almost a month and a half. I will for sure be doing business with you in the future
R Kruse
Thank you! I really do appreciate your business. I use it all the time and everything is done correctly and inexpensively!
I'm happy that i found this company Cheaper then any other check printer! Very fast! and Great quality as well!! RECOMMENDED!
These guys know their stuff!!!
Excellent job! Prompt delivery!!!
Tracking received. Thank you again/as always, for your prompt and efficient fulfillment. 😊
Very Happy
I was very happy with prior order and will use you guys for all of our clients.

Chelsea W. 08/3/16
Joel/Laser Print Check:

You all are the best!! Just simply the best. Off the chart in customer service!!

Thank you for your time and assistance in not only in processing the order BUT THEN, you add the excellence and heart factor. You offer to send instructions on check alignment. That could have resulted in losing the custom envelope order.
You did it and they were ordered anyway.

Encouraging to have people and an organization like you. Thank you

M LaBeaume

David Freyer
Quality, Integrity and Professionalism
Finally, an organization who believes in providing their customers quality products at a reasonable price. You are to be commended for bringing professionalism and a high degree of quality and integrity in both your business ethic and the products you offer.

You can be assured that you will be my single-source for the products you offer.
K. E.
Super fast and efficient service. Customer service was great. 24hr delivery with standard shipping.

thank You!!
Steve Pequigney
Stuff happens, how handled most important
There was a printing error on my laser check order that made 1 of 3 checks unusable. I contacted them about it, they responded right away, and they worked it out to my satisfaction. Would not hesitate to buy from them again!
Marianne U.
Positive Feedback
Good Morning Jeff,

I’m emailing to tell you how pleased I am with the quality & price of this order for my employer,

I also wanted to tell you that it was because of your customer service to me personally that I decided to go with your company for my employer’s checks. I have 2 personal companies, G..and Pine T.., which I already order checks from you. Recently you refunded my shipping charges for my last GV... order because they were shipped USPS instead of UPS and that caused me an inconvenience. I was very impressed with your customer service and the fact that you refunded me the shipping for my inconvenience. So I decided to use your company for my employer, who uses a lot of checks.

I just wanted to give you positive feedback that your customer service mattered, and because of that your company got new business.


Marianne U.

Eugene Vaughn
very impressed and happy!!
Your service is stellar BRAVO! Received my order TODAY WOW! Way ahead of schedule. Your customer service is very helpful and polite. I was very nervous about purchasing from a business online far far away from where I live without any references, but when I called your office and spoke to one of your very polite customer service reps I was relieved that I was not ripped off by some internet SCAM! I printed some checks right away and was happy that it was very easy and they turned out GREAT! I took them down to my bank to have the checks examined before I mailed them out, and the bank officers gave me a thumbs up. I really am impressed with your service.
Thanks again,
Gene & Debbie Vaughn
P.S. Your business will be recommended!

Chris Hurst
Great job
We have placed orders for our business for the past 10 years and always a great job with FAST shipping. THANK YOU!
Heidi F.
Very satisfied
Just purchased checks from your company for our other business and we are very satisfied!
Thanks, Jeff; you guys are the best!

Have a great day!

Sharon-Accounting Department

Genie O
Great service
I've used numerous check companies but you, by far, were the quickest and least expensive. Great service!
Exceptional Company
Unbelievable fast service. Great customer service. Good quality product. Good prices. Everything you could want. I have ordered from them multiple times and always satisfied.
printing dynamics

Larry T
It is a pleasure working with you and I appreciate the good service you provide.

May you be inscribed for a wonderful New Year.

Saved me in a pinch!
Ran out of checks at 5:00 on a Monday and ordered 100 in a 1 day rush order with the balance for normal delivery. Fully expected the order to arrive on Wednesday because I ordered after hours and with a change on the check address. They arrived at 9:30 Tuesday morning! I am in awe! Thank you for the great service and quality your provides!
Great Job
Everything was perfect and just wanted to let you know "Great Job"
t is a pleasure doing business with you and we won't hesitate to spread the word about your company to our customers!

Cheri Heck
Office Manager 2/21/17

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