Standard Security

Standard Security features of our checks

Check Security: Standard Security Features

Protect your checks from fraud

Our checks are manufactured with special security features that make copying or alteration easy to detect! Our checks exceed the standard set forth by the Check Payment Systems Association guidelines. We are licensed to use the security certification icon ("Padlock Icon") on all our negotiable documents. Even though the CPSA calls for two standard security features on each check, we offer:

  1. Warning Band
  2. Found in the border, it indicates the security features of the check for easy identification

  3. Security Pantographs
  4. Our custom check backgrounds are designed to limit reproducibility by scanning or photocopying while not obscuring check readability.

  5. Padlock Icon
  6. Warns that the check is security protected. The icon is also shown on the back of the check with a description of at least two security features to verify authenticity

  7. "MP" logo
  8. stands for microprinting and is recommended by the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA).

  9. MicroPrinted Border Line
  10. Made up of microscopic lettering which repeatedly reads "ORIGINAL DOCUMENT" with type that is too small to be reproduced by scanning or photocopying.

  11. Security Screens
  12. Reads "ORIGINAL DOCUMENT SCREEN" on the back of each check and lists security features included. The security screen will not photocopy clearly.

  13. For Prismatic colors
  14. (not shown in image above) 'Void' feature appears if copied.

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